Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to prevent kidney stones in babies?

 Here are a few things you should do to prevent kidney stones in infants:
  • the most effective way to prevent kidney stones in infants is by drinking lots of water
  • control protein, sugar intake, to increase the food intake of fresh vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin B1 and vitamin C is the final metabolite in the body is alkaline, uric acid dissolves easily in alkaline urine, is conducive to treatment.
  • Do not overdose cod liver oil, cod liver oil is rich because of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus can promote intestinal absorption of membrane function, a sudden increase in urinary excretion of calcium and phosphorus bound to have a rainfall, it is easy to form kidney stones in infants.
  • If the relevant considerations and food and milk, milk powder or suspension of the original use of the diet.
How the early detection of kidney stones in infants?
  • the color of urine is cloudy, and even a white precipitate
  • the children appeared alkaline urine urinal
  • When the children cry pee
Babies suffering from kidney stones do not worry, if there is no hydronephrosis, acute renal failure, diet, drink plenty of water most of the children can recover.

Born not long, especially these stones like sand stone, these stones form a relatively short time, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture has a role. If large stones, not easy to discharge, can also be considered lithotripsy, but try to avoid the stone surgery, one child is too small, risky; Second, bilateral renal stones, both sides should surgery, the baby bear.

As the number of therapy because of the green, no side effects, efficacy and other unique characteristics, infants in the treatment of kidney stones can play an active role. How to use: embraced by children or parents of children holding hands and silently as the number of children or 720.40.60 06000.40.70. Choose one of the groups as the number of daily meditation time, not less than 4 hours. In the process of meditation, parents should observe the response of children, if read after the number of children increased irritability, crying or vomiting then stop reading, reading again for another recipe.


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